I am particularly proud of my church because:

     Our Sign
     Community Meetings
     Audio Visual Equipment
     A Pastor Who is Working to Reach Our Community

        Welcoming Open Arms
     Following the Holy Spirit's Guidance
     Our Closeness and Love for One Another
     Our Work in the Community and for One Another
     Everyone has an Opportunity to Serve
     People are Friendly
     Church is Moving Forward
     I Feel Closer to God when I'm Here
     My Family is here
     I Love my Church Family that is Here
     And We have the Best Pastor Ever
     We are a Family!
     Love Each Other and Others
     We Want to Include Everyone 
     Welcome Others
     God is in Our Midst
     The Members are a Family Who Love One Another Stemming                  From a Love of God
     Everyone is Eager to Welcome New-Comers and Have a Common            Goal of Saving Souls

       For Being a Loving Family
    The Members and the Love We have for One Another